Nuna Leaf

Nuna Leaf Grow




Evolves with baby to big-kid size
Inspired by a carefree float of a leaf on a breeze
Ultra smooth and quiet side-to-side motion
Elegant, serene design feels right at home in the living room
Ideal angles for your growing child
Motor free ride—no batteries, cords, buzz or noise
Motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes
Easily locks in a stationary position for feeding or playtime
Seat simply detaches from base for storage or quick trips
Removable GOTS™ certified organic inserts, cotton and dye

Product specifications
Recommended use: Stage 1 with built-in harness: From birth until the child can sit upright or can climb out unassisted. Discontinue stage one use when infant can sit upright, push up on hands and knees or climb out unassisted (age around 5 months) and is unable to walk. Never leave child unattended in this product. This product is not intended for prolonged periods of sleeping. Always use the restraint. Stage 2 without built-in harness: For use as a chair when the child is able to walk. Discontinue stage two use when child reaches 130 lbs.
Product: h 17.7 x w 28 x l 28.7 in
Product weight: 15.4 lbs